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Ridiculous was founded in 2017 by a small group of industry veterans with over 25 years of experience.  Our team is unique in how long we've worked together going back to our roots at Interplay Productions.   We have experience on all major platforms and are licensed for
Nintendo, Xbox, and PlayStation.   

While primarily a Unity Engine house, we have experience and technical know how to work on various engines from Godot, to Lumberyard, and Unreal Engine.

Unity Development 


How can we help you and your development needs?

Ridiculous Games has developed entire graphics engines, used third party engines, developed client-side apps on all platforms, developed server-side apps in most server scripting languages and architectures, as well as worked on embedded systems and low-level firmware.

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Unity Engine Development Expertise

Unity became our primary engine of choice in 2012. Prior to Unity we developed a lot of native code as well as custom engines. Casino League, which was a live service poker game, was built in Unity and communicated with our entire backend infrastructure running on AWS. This was truly full stack development from concept, development and launch, to live operations development and servicing.

Our team has kept up to date with the engine as it has changed over the years and we have adapted to utilize most of its current technology & features. We are extremely comfortable working in Unity and confident in our capabilities. With our team you have the ability to get results very quickly be it a particular feature, or a full blown prototype. Not only are we able to develop rapidly, we're able to finish and deploy the product and service.


Unity Development Expertise Overview

Multiplatform Targets 

Experience in building and managing multiple platforms on Unity Cloud Build and Jenkins server

Unity Integrated Dev Tools 

Experience in building tools integrated into Unity for production and development.
Example: IK Tools, Project settings tool, map / level creation tools, etc.

Mechanim Animation Scripting 

Experience with mechanim scripting for animation playback

Developer Collaboration 

Maintain a system to share / collaborate working on the same Unity scene with multiple collaborators

Unity Art Creation Techniques 

Ability to properly manage a Unity scene so that it will run optimally on multiple platforms

Unity Rendering / Lighting Optimizations 

Expertise in optimizing a Unity scene to make it look the best quality using various rendering, shader and lighting techniques such as Lightmapping and Shader Graphs. Our Technical artists know how to get the most of our lighting and shaders to create amazing looking environments. We are up to date with Progressive lightmapping and know all of the ins and out of Enlighten.


Unity Development Expertise Continued

Timeline Management 

Expertise in managing a cinematic scene in a Unity timeline


Ridiculous has used Cinemachine to create film style non interactive sequences including
advanced camera movement, animations, and effects

Audio Scripting

Experience in integrating various audio solutions including ambisonic audio and binaural audio using a variety of audio SDKs including FMOD, Unity Audio Manager, Oculus Audio SDK, etc.

Backend Integration 

Integrated a backend solution for user data, gameplay, and cinematic 2D/360 playback

A.I. Solutions 

Expertise in creating AI systems for a variety of gameplay genres.
(i.e. FPS, Tactical RPGs, Puzzle Games, Gambling Texas Hold'em, Blackjack AI, etc.)

Navigation Mesh AI 

Expertise in creating nav mesh pathing systems for AI

Additional Capabilities
Dialog Systems, Prefab Editor Expertise, Localization System creation, Store Integration and Management, Push Notification Systems, UA SDKs, Analytics Integration, and more!


Business Intelligence Expertise

Analytics Product Roadmap 

Expertise in creating an analytics roadmap to define the necessary metrics (data) to track and gather for KPI analysis

Event Integration 

Event integration into apps across multiple platforms

KPI Analysis 

Collect and analyze data for various KPI (key performance indicators) such as retention analysis, FUE funnel, revenue analysis, user acquisition analysis, etc.

Live Feature Development

Determined which features to focus/develop on based on various KPIs that we were targeting

Additional Services
App Maintenance, App Update System, App Update Deep Links, Live Campaign Management, Sweepstakes Campaigns, Social Media Integration, Unified Login for Social Media, Store Integration & Mgmt, Push Notification systems, etc.

Even More Ridiculous Capabilities

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Console & Mobile Development

Ridiculous Games is no stranger to Mobile Development and the Casual Game space. Our development history showcases various types of games developed with well-known publishing partners showcasing several different development techniques.  Experience Includes: Live Operations: Analytics, UA Platforms, A/B Testing, Tool Creation for Marketing, PR and BI Teams, Social Features. Server Architecture: Linus Servers, HTTPS Long polling, JSON formatting responses, LUA and NGINX for both server and game code, Multiplayer Matchmaking

Virtual & Augmented Reality Development

Our team has developed several projects in the world of Virtual and Augmented Reality. Some of these projects include Voltron: VR Chronicles and Eleven Eleven, both of which were cinematic experiences developed under Digital Domain and published for NBC Universal. Both VR titles received several nominations for awards in the VR Space. Ridiculous Games has developed various design and development best practices over the years based on years of experience.

Platform to Platform Conversions

Our developers have also been involved in development of several classical ports over the years. Many of these ports were games for Electronic Arts via Jamdat. Sime of the more notable titles were done in BREW and J2ME.

More recently, Ridiculous has worked with development partners in porting over various unannounced projects from PC to the Xbox One and
Nintendo Switch. 

Ridiculous History

Ridiculous Games (formerly Digital Funk Machine and Hijinx Games) is an interactive developer founded in 2017 by industry veterans with over 20+ years experience. Located in Orange County, California, the team has worked on nearly every conceivable platform over the last two decades.

Ridiculous staff has gained experience on all major platforms including Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Platforms, PC, Mac, iOS, and Android. In the last few years the team has also gained a tremendous amount of knowledge with Mixed Reality platforms such as Vive, Oculus, Magic Leap and LBEs.

There are not many teams that can say they have consistently worked together for over 15 years.  That is one of the unique things about our team, having worked together in some capacity since the 90’s.  Our strength is our experience and interpersonal relationships.  As a team we have seen it all.

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