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Oh, The Engines We Might Know

In the city of pixels where sprites dare to roam,
Ridiculous Games had made quite the home.
With Unity they crafted, they built, and they played,
But a change in the wind had them somewhat dismayed.

For Unity declared, “Each install shall cost!”
This new model they flaunted,  and many felt lost.
“Not fair!” cried some devs, especially those free,
While Ridiculous Games pondered, “What shall our fate be?”

Yet a member then said, with a gleam in their eye,
“Why not try other engines? Give them a fly!
There’s Unreal, there’s Godot, and LumberYard’s spree,
With so many choices, as vast as the sea.”

Together they ventured, explored realms unknown,
With each engine's marvels, their minds were a blown.
Godot had its charm, Unreal its might,
LumberYard's expanse made futures look bright.

“Though Unity’s journey has thrown us a curve,
It’s not just the engine, but the passion we serve!”
Ridiculous found strength in this twist of their tale,
For with creativity, they'd never grow stale.

So here's to the devs, both big and quite small,
May you find your own engine, and stand very tall.
With heart, grit, and wonder, and stories to show,
Oh, the marvelous engines you might come to know!

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Even More Ridiculous Capabilities

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Console & Mobile Development

Ridiculous Games is no stranger to Mobile Development and the Casual Game space. Our development history showcases various types of games developed with well-known publishing partners showcasing several different development techniques.  Experience Includes: Live Operations: Analytics, UA Platforms, A/B Testing, Tool Creation for Marketing, PR and BI Teams, Social Features. Server Architecture: Linus Servers, HTTPS Long polling, JSON formatting responses, LUA and NGINX for both server and game code, Multiplayer Matchmaking

Virtual & Augmented Reality Development

Our team has developed several projects in the world of Virtual and Augmented Reality. Some of these projects include Voltron: VR Chronicles and Eleven Eleven, both of which were cinematic experiences developed under Digital Domain and published for NBC Universal. Both VR titles received several nominations for awards in the VR Space. Ridiculous Games has developed various design and development best practices over the years based on years of experience.

Platform to Platform Conversions

Our developers have also been involved in development of several classical ports over the years. Many of these ports were games for Electronic Arts via Jamdat. Sime of the more notable titles were done in BREW and J2ME.

More recently, Ridiculous has worked with development partners in porting over various unannounced projects from PC to the Xbox One and
Nintendo Switch. 

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Ridiculous History

Ridiculous Games (formerly Digital Funk Machine and Hijinx Games) is an interactive developer founded in 2017 by industry veterans with over 20+ years experience. Located in Orange County, California, the team has worked on nearly every conceivable platform over the last two decades.

Ridiculous staff has gained experience on all major platforms including Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Platforms, PC, Mac, iOS, and Android. In the last few years the team has also gained a tremendous amount of knowledge with Mixed Reality platforms such as Vive, Oculus, Magic Leap and LBEs.

There are not many teams that can say they have consistently worked together for over 15 years.  That is one of the unique things about our team, having worked together in some capacity since the 90’s.  Our strength is our experience and interpersonal relationships.  As a team we have seen it all.

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Interested in discussing some game development opportunities? Drop Ridiculous Games a line and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

For any Business Development related opportunities, contact us at

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