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Ridiculous was founded in 2017 by a small group of industry veterans with over 25 years of experience.  Our team is unique in how long we've worked together going back to our roots at Interplay Productions.   We have experience on all major platforms and are licensed for
Nintendo, Xbox, and PlayStation.   

While primarily a Unity Engine house, we have experience and technical know how to work on various engines from Godot, to Lumberyard, and Unreal Engine.

What We Do!

Ridiculous History

Ridiculous Games (formerly Digital Funk Machine and Hijinx Games) is an interactive developer founded in 2017 by industry veterans with over 20+ years experience. Located in Orange County, California, the team has worked on nearly every conceivable platform over the last two decades.


Ridiculous staff has gained experience on all major platforms including Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Platforms, PC, Mac, iOS, and Android. In the last few years the team has also gained a tremendous amount of knowledge with Mixed Reality platforms such as Vive, Oculus, Magic Leap and LBEs.

There are not many teams that can say they have consistently worked together for over 15 years.  That is one of the unique things about our team, having worked together in some capacity since the 90’s. 

Our strength is our experience and interpersonal relationships.  As a team we have seen it all.

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