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Meet the Team!

Ridiculous Games is a Developer and Publisher of licensed & original IP game properties. Ridiculous develops for platforms such as home consoles, PC and mobile platforms. Let’s meet the team that helps make this all happen.

Jeremy Airey


Jeremy's held roles in nearly all disciplines of product development including Production, Design and QA since 1990. 

He spent his formative years as a Producer and Dev Director for Interplay Productions, Midway Games and Konami Digital Entertainment where he served as Vice President and Studio Director.

Steve Gazda

Executive Producer

A 17 year development and production veteran. Steve has shipped dozens of projects over the years for various platforms including consoles, PC, VR, AR and mobile. Steve has been a Producer for companies like Digital Domain, Konami and Interplay.

John Price

Chief Technical Officer

John is a seasoned Programmer with expertise in game logic, front-end programming and back end architecture. A Texas A&M Alum, John brings over 20 years of experience in software development along with leadership to the entire team.


Chad Freeman

Technical Director

Within Ridiculous, Chad has been one of the early proponents of emerging technology such as Augmented and Virtual Reality. His passion for new challenges and new technologies has led him to write code for just about every platform available.

Joseph Civitate

Sr.  3D Artist

Joseph has been working in the game and film industries since 2005 as a 3D Artist. During his career he has worked at studios including Digital Domain, Pixomondo, EA-owned Pandemic, etc. He has been fortunate enough to contribute to some great projects, including three Lexus commercials, two Star Wars video games, a Star Trek show, and a Lord of the Rings video game. Art has always interested him since childhood.

Dave Boulanger

Sr.  Engineer

Dave has seen and done it all in the software development industry. Another Interplay alum, Dave recently served as a Sr. Programmer for Digital Domain and Konami.

Dan Kingdom

Creative Director

Dan has been a Designer and Creative Director for over two decades, having started at Interplay in the mid-90’s. Dan has held prominent positions at Climax, THQ, Krome Studios and Digital Domain.

Rodney Relosa

Sr. Engineer

A game developer who has worked from the ground up for 28 years. Rodney has learned all aspects of game development from testing, design and programming. He has worked on various platforms from consoles, PCs and mobile. He’s eager to develop the next great game in this very diverse game industry.

Eloy Ribera

Sr. Engineer

A gameplay and engine programmer for more than 12 years, Eloy has been developing games and tech for a wide range of platforms from mobile to consoles. He's always eager to find and investigate new emerging technology and platforms.

Neeraj Jairam


Neeraj Jairam, an enthusiastic Software Engineer and a recent graduate from SMU Guildhall, Neeraj has over four years experience in the Software Industry. He's always been passionate about games and he has a major interest in AI and Gameplay.

Jessica Schultz


Jessica is a life-long gamer and artist who began working in the game industry in 2013. Her artistic endeavors span across a variety of genres and mediums. She utilizes her skills and creativity to create UI, 3d models, concept art, and everything in-between!

Kenny Whisenhunt

Lead Engineer

Inspired by his love of games, Kenny focused his efforts  on learning a multitude of gameplay and back-end related systems.  His passion for the industry and his love of programming has led to a variety of innovative and exciting projects throughout his career.   Kenny's  journey continues with us here at Ridiculous!

Ronan Relosa

Animator / Artist

An Experienced Animator / Rigger with nearly 15 years in the game industry.   Ronan has held artist positions at Digital Domain, Game Machine Studios, Digital Funk Machine, as well as his first start in the industry, Hijinx Studios.

Bri Ecklund


Bri is a new comer to the industry but has had a lifelong passion for gaming and art. She started her artistic journey in 2D animation but eventually found her way over to 3D modeling and lighting and all things game related.  She can’t wait to make the next big thing and take the game industry by storm!

Cody Winchester


 Cody has always held a fascination for games, from making his own board games as a child to participating in his first game jam while studying abroad in Montréal. With a wide range of interests across various genres, he is always ready to prototype a new fun system or start white boxing a new level.


Jesse Mark

Sr. Engineer

Jesse Programs and stuff

Konstantine  X

Sr. Designer

Call me Dino.  Designer Extraordinairre.


Unique Talent

We're always on the look out for amazing people.

Contact Us

Interested in discussing some game development opportunities? Drop Ridiculous Games a line and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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