Ridiculous Games Projects

Most Recent Titles (2019-2020)
Click the images below to view recent trailers for both Day and Night and Voltron VR.

Day and Night | Nintendo Switch

Voltron VR Chronicles | PlayStation VR, Oculus and HTC Vive

Past Development Experience
Ridiculous Games has years of expertise working in Unity developing client-side apps on all platforms, server-side apps in most server scripting languages and architectures, as well as work on embedded systems and low-level firmware.

Approved Developer on the Following Platforms:
Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo Switch, PC, Steam, Android, iOS, Facebook, Google Play, VR Platforms (Vive, Oculus)

Expertise in the Following:
Unity Engine Development
Platform-to-Platform Conversions
Casual Game Development
Mobile App Development (F2P)
VR and AR Development

Past Project Softology

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